DMS Photography | About
Hello we are a husband and wife team that both love photography and live just between Napa valley and Sacramento in Northern California. My name is Dustin M Sprague and I’m a husband, father and a self taught photographer from a small town in Arkansas. Over the past 12 years I have had some amazing travels to over 18 countries that have inspired me to capture their beauty and become a better photographer. Since my first trip overseas, photography has become my passion and a bit of an obsession. My passion started with landscape photography but portrait photography as really grown on me over the last 5 or 6 years. My wife (Kendall) is also a very talented photographer and she has a great eye for creating art and beauty photos. This business would not run with out her running everything behind the scenes.   So if you have an idea for a shoot or have need for a photographer for a wedding or portraits, don’t hesitate to ask, this is what we love to do! Photography is our passion therefore we're very reasonable with our prices. Thank you for visiting our website and supporting our passion and our family.
-Kendall & Dustin